Gerard Malynes; Lex Mercatoria,
2nd. Printing, 1629,
Folio, No Boards, Spine and binding secure, tight & square, Minimal Foxing. 501 pages.

THIS IS ONE OF ONLY EIGHT KNOWN COPIES IN EXISTENCE. There are two in bookshops and six are in institutions. Is anyone knows of any 1629 printings in private hands, please advise. The boards are easily replaced, and otherwise the book is in great condition,

This is the 1629 printing. First printed in 1622, this is the first English presentation of the Lex Mercatoria or Merchant Law. It was written by Gerard Malynes, entitled "Consultudo Vel Lex Mercatoria" or the Ancient Law Merchant. In his preface to this work, he stated that he had entitled it Lex Mercatoria instead of Jus Mercatorum because it is customary law provided by the authority of all kingdoms and Commonweals,and not a law established by the sovereignty of any prince.Blackstone stated that the affairs of commerce were regulated by a law of their own called the Law Merchant or Lex Mercatoria "which all nations agree in and take notice of and it is particularly held to be part of the law of England which justifies the causes of merchants and the general rules which obtain in all commercial countries." Still later, Lord Mansfield stated that "Mercantile law is not the law of a particular country but the law of all nations;. (Nick Szabo, 1998)

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