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“There is on the globe one single spot, the possessor of which is our natural and habitual enemy. It is New Orleans …”

  Letter of Thomas Jefferson to Robert R. Livingston (the U.S. Minister to France), April 18, 1802.
On the necessity of acquiring New Orleans from France.

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WELCOME to the 1718 Project !

(Revised July, 2013) 2018 draws ever nearer, and The 1718 Project continues to evolve. What began as two distinct works, a history and a cookbook, has now merged into one culinary history. You will find a preview edition of the culinary history at the cookbook link on your right. The popular history is still around, but it is not updated as much as it’s culinary cousin. Plans are still in the works for the educational activities listed below. However, they will not become reality until at least 2015. Also note that our blog has become one of the more active parts of the project, please check it out. As always,the links to your right will take you to the various parts of this work. As the project unfolds, the linked pages will update and more will be added.

Future project plans include:
(a) creation of classroom materials (including digital resources) for the New Orleans Tricentennial.
(b) workshop seminars for Social Studies teachers throughout New Orleans and Louisiana,(and perhaps the nation) (c) school and public tours of relevant historical sites, (d) public and private library activities, and possibly (e) coordination of appropriate museum exhibits.The 1718 Project is also open to contributions from other historians, writers, and anyone who loves this great city and its stupendous potential.